1985 GT Race at Mondello Park

December 13, 2013 by Leo Nulty  

Another GT race, this time from 1985. The works TMC Costin, now into it’s third season, has sprouted a few aerodynamic aids and changed colour from red to green. Running as Team Apple, they also had a horde of other sponsors onboard. The MG Midget based Lotus twin cam powered MDGT of Morgan Dempsey and the Maguire Mini- Ford of George Crozier have not got the pace to stay with Keaney but watch out for David Hall, who uncorks a superb charge up from the back of the grid, having been caught out on the wrong tyres in qualifying. With the TMC Costin developing all the time, Dempsey would soon be at the drawing board, working on the next MDGT, which was mid engine, whilst Crozier swapped his Mini for a mid engine Metro soon afterwards as well. Hall meanwhile, swapped the Imp lump for a 1600 Burton Ford, kept it quiet and famously defeated the TMC after a cracking race at the Phoenix Park….


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