60 seconds with Tommy Byrne

February 15, 2013 by Leo  

Name: Tommy Byrne
Age: 54
Occupation: Driver Coach Instructor

Road Car: Mazda Miata

Crashed & Byrned is a book about Tommy's life as a racing driver

Crashed & Byrned is a book about Tommy’s life as a racing driver

Dream Road Car: Porsche GT3R

Race of My Life: Celebrity Race at Snetterton 1982

Biggest Supporter: John McCambridge

Favourite Food: Mince meat and mash potatoes

It’s Motorsport.ie’s round- what are you having? Pint of Harp

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2 Responses to “60 seconds with Tommy Byrne”
  1. Fantastic footage! Great to see those big names fighting it out.

  2. John Staunton says:

    Possibly Ireland’s most naturally gifted driver,

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