Chinese & Irish Rally Pairing claim further USA rally Success

November 27, 2013 by Martin Brady  

This week was yet another successful milestone for Chinese rally driver Tingwu Song and his Irish codriver Martin Brady as they claimed victory in their second major championship in the USA rally arena. Earlier in the year they were crowned national champions by the N.A.S.A sanctioning body following a number of victories in that series. During the season the pair also drove in the Rally America series where they concentrated on the South West regional portion of that championship. This part of the rally calendar is focused on events in on the western coastline of the USA. Song and Brady tackled rallies in their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 which was prepared by the Swedish team JRD who are based in Atlanta Georgia bringing even further global diversity to the successful package. Tingwu is currently based in Colorado USA and Martin lives in Connemara Ireland.

The final event of the season was the Seed9 in Kingham Arizona just a short distance from the Grand Canyon. It was a torrential rain storm and unrelenting showers that faced the crews instead of the normal baking sunshine of the Arizona deserts and the rally quickly became muddy and slippy on a level rarely seen in US rallying. Tingwu drove with pressure of no margin for error knowing that only outright victory could claim the championship. This was not easy in the conditions as drivers struggled to keep their cars on the roads which are normally hard packed and desert like but now reduced to a slick surface of mud and water.

Such was the unprecedented difficulty of the conditions and the concern of emergency services being able to respond expediently to any incidents with safety that the organisers made the pragmatic decision to halt the rally at the mid day service halt. Tingwu had been fastest on every stage to that point and held over a minute of a lead in the event and he and Martin were duly announced as victors in the rally. This result ensured the valuable points hall that would secure them the Rally America title for the region and add another title to the already very successful season.

Tingwu commented at the Arizona finish ramp “I am very proud of our season here in the USA it has been more successful than we could have dreamed, every event has been a podium finish and our only non finish was due to a broken wheel when leading. We have had three victories in a row now and that is a great feeling, to win the championships is such a special way to add to the success. Martin the JRD team and I have worked hard all year and this success is our reward, I am very happy and proud that we are currently the most successful Chinese and Irish competitors here in the USA and we are looking forward already to the 2014 season, I hope we can keep up such good performances next year.

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