Cregor’s Video of the Week!

January 1, 2013 by Cregor Elliott  

This weeks video comes from 2002 when the Vees visited Anglesey for their annual visit to the UK, and while it looks fairly hairy it scared the living daylights out of me. I used to do a separate intro to the video in those days and was always looking for something different for each meeting. I think it was Jimmy Lyons that lent me his goped for the day to get around on so I had the bright idea of driving down the hill while introducing the days racing.

When I got to the top of the hill and turned on the camera I realised that the throttle was on the right hand side meaning that the camera couldn’t be held in the right hand. Without a thought I switched hands and off I went. I was half way through the first line before I thought about the brakes and instantly had visions of the camera being destroyed and having the flesh torn from my legs by the gravel path (I usually wear shorts at the track). I thought that I better tell the camera what was happening.

I dropped my left hand down (trying to protect the camera) and stuck out my left leg dragging my foot through the dirt desperately trying to stop myself while trying to steer away from the tyres and towards the grass. It was a stand up goped so the whole thing was a balancing act. Luckily I got the thing stopped without falling and even finished my intro without sounding too shaken even though I was. It wasn’t too long afterwards that I canned the intros.

Perhaps a better title for the video would be ‘What was I thinking’

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