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January 9, 2013 by Cregor Elliott  

I could see the huge benefits of Youtube when it started in 2005 and was quick to sign up but was initially hampered by the length of time it took to process videos ( in ’05 it would take all night to process a short film), and dial up internet, which when thinking back I wonder how anything atall was uploaded to the internet as it was so slow. By the time I’d discovered how to compress the videos I’d forgotten the password of my original log in, so relaunched myself as Blackfalcon01 and haven’t looked back since. I chose the best race to date for my initial upload.

As a big fan of Moto GP Donington Park was a magical place to me having watched on TV many races there over the years, I also remember when F1 was racing there. I had visited in 2003 when Keno raced there but flew in on Saturday morning and back out on Sunday night with no time to explore and get a feel for the place.

When the Irish Vees visited in 2004 there was plenty of time to take in the famous track. Everything ab

out the place had me amazed from the clock on the straight, The Craners, The Old Hairpin, The Dunlop Bridge it felt strange to see them in real life. On a track walk Friday evening I knelt on the ground like the Pope and kissed the tarmac at the top of the Craner Curves before visiting the podium where all the greats had stood, and later having a pint (several) in the pub at Redgate.

The quality of coverage on Sundays racing at double headers could be suspect after a nights drinking but 04 was good even though the voice does go a bit towards the end when the excitement reaches almost fever pitch nearing the chequered flag. The race was cut down to 10 mins as that was the max upload Youtube allowed then and it is heavily compressed to keep the file size down. I seem to remember it took a day and a bit to upload on dial up.

Stephen Kershaw had won Saturdays race that I shot from the Old hairpin but wanted to use the line ‘no time for a pint in the pub’ so I chose Goddards for Sunday. It turned out to be a great place to view the race from as so much of the track could be seen from there. The race itself still stands out in my mind as exceptional with so much overtaking and the cars 3 or 4 abreast down the back straight. I couldn’t really make out which car was which around McLeans and Coppice as it was such a distance but the coverage turned out well. Donington commentator Marcus Pye described it in Autosport the following week as the best clubman race he had seen in 25 years. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as Marcus and I did.

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