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January 23, 2013 by Cregor Elliott  

The longest short race ever!

Irish Formula Vee Race, Anglesey Wales, 4 July 2009

The Irish Vees visited Anglesey for a double header in July ’09 and Saturdays race was bizarre to say the least. Officially it was one of the shortest races I’ve ever seen while unofficially one of the longest due to rain, and incidents up at Radar corner.

The original race had run five laps before being stopped due to monster rain with Stephen Kershaw leading and the restart was moved to the last race of the day. The Vees were there for the weekend so this was no problem. The fun started on the restart when the midfield reached Radar. Dave O’Brien comes up the inside and clips Lloyd Murphy (1st car up in the air) Lloyd drives on but Dave is knocked back onto the racing line starting a chain reaction where he’s hit by Roy Hanlon who’s hit by Robert Casey who’s hit by Ger Byrne. All four cars block the track and the race is stopped. Casey and Byrne are able to drive back to the grid for the restart, the other pair were out.

The restart had a clean lap before Lloyd found himself in the wars again. Going up the inside he hit Dan Polley who was pushed wide and into the path of Jimmy Furlong who was rolled 360 degrees landing back on his wheels. The tower saw this happening and threw another red flag, however Jimmy restarted the car and drove off. The rescue van arrived at Radar but there was no incident to deal with. They chased after Jimmy waving at him to pit where he was heading anyway as the car was wrecked. It was highly amusing to watch.

The restarted restart (still with me?) had two clean laps before Mark Horan took the move of the day up the inside and hit Lloyd who rolled in the air and landed on John Downey disabling both cars and causing the final red flag of the day to end the race. There is a curfew at Anglesey and there was a shortage of race cars at this stage anyway. Stephen Kershaw was declared the winner of a two-lap race that took a total of nearly two hours track time to run.

All cars were repaired overnight and Sundays race went ahead without incident.


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