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December 21, 2012 by Cregor Elliott  

Today’s offering is my most famous video, the so-called ‘Seagull Video’ It hails from the Saturday Formula Vee race of the Phoenix Park Races in 2007, and has a bit of everything really being high on comedy, drama, along with being on first glance unbelievable. What initially appears to be a car with a seagull on the front spreading itself like Kate Winslett in Titanic develops within seconds to a spectacular crash with the car landing between a few trees.

Jimmy Furlong had hit the concrete chicane the previous lap and spilt his nose down the middle. The wind then blew both parts back as he completed that lap so by the time he got back to me it was folded back and flapping. I watch the race through a small viewfinder when I’m filming and it genuinely looked to me like a seagull. As I narrate I’m thinking to myself is it possible to for a seagull to land on a racing car going flat out, and watching in my mind this happening while still talking. You can hear my brain overloading as all this happens within about a second or two. Jimmy pulls level with me I glance to the left and with the naked eye can see it’s the fibreglass nose, and say no it’s his nose.

I then start to laugh as the possibility of it being a seagull is so outrageous and am only saved from going to pieces by Robbie Allen’ crash. The chicane had been clear a lap earlier after Jimmy whacked it and Robbie hadn’t expected it to be rebuilt so quick, just clipping the exit. I was genuinely worried for him at the time in case he’d hit the trees but soon saw he was moving in the car and was alright. My thoughts then turned to the camera on the rollhoop of his car and I thought I was going to get some savage footage up until the point of impact (the car bounced on the camera). Robbie however had forgotten to turn on the camera. It would never turn on again.

The video did well on Youtube compared to the rest and had about 20,000 hits over about 4 years. It then was picked up by and the stats went mental. It had 180,000 hits in two days, recently went over the half million overall, and gets about 10,000 hits a month on average. The comments on Youtube and other forums are hilarious. People are typing up what they think I’m saying, some didn’t realise it’s in English, and I’m referred to as all sorts of characters. I actually look them all up to try and the resemblance.

My favourite has to be “ I want this guy to narrate my life!” Thank you Egor Shumihin

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