Eugene Laverty: Looking ahead to next season

November 3, 2012 by Eugene Laverty  

I got my wish in the end! Nurburgring was a nice build up with two runner-up finishes before finally getting my first win of the season at Portimao. We came on really strong towards the end of the season so it was nice to go into the winter break off a good run of races. What an end to the title fight though! It came down to just half a point between Max and Tom in the end after nine months of racing which is incredible. Infront did a great job with the championship this season and it’ll go down as one of the most exciting years in the history of World Superbike. Nine different race winners on five different makes of machinery is a stat unrivaled by any other championship around.Looking ahead to next season I think it’s going to be another great year for the championship, however that may not last much further than 2013 following the recent announcement of the running of the championship. Next year is an extremely important one for both WSB and MotoGP riders as 2014 could see the strongest riders placed in the top class and the rest left behind. Never has there been a more important time to shine.

Recently at Aragon we got to test the new 17 inch Pirelli tyres which left me with a smile on my face. This is the tyre most of us have been waiting for and it solved many problems we suffered this year with the RSV4. The rear tyre keeps its shape well under acceleration, as does the front tyre under braking. We have a good testing schedule this winter with a test in Jerez planned for the end of November. One big error on our part last winter was testing at just one circuit, Portimao. The Aprilia works really well there so it did not highlight any major issues with the set-up. In fact it wasn’t until round two at Imola when I understood that there was some problem areas with the RSV4 and by then I was already nursing an injury and 50 points behind in the title fight! We’ve taken the setting in a good direction lately and I’m optimistic of the potential of this bike. The Aprilia technicians are the best I’ve worked with in my career and so I know that together we’re capable of achieving something great.

We’ve just entered the most important stage of the calendar: trials season! It’s time to get out on the trials bikes and freeze our bollocks off. During the week training is difficult due to the harsh winters in Northern Ireland but I look forward to getting out on the trials bikes with my friends on the weekend when they’re off work. The sales of traybakes and buns are set to increase dramatically in NI over the next few months as we head into the forest armed with a trials bike and the tastiest treats known to man.

I’m not sure how many more weeks I have left to cycle the roads at home before a layer of ice decorates the tarmac. That’s the joys of living in Northern Ireland I guess! It’s nice to be home though and I intend to spend time with my family and friends while I can.

That’s all folks. I haven’t much more to say other than wrap up warm this winter, drink lots of tea and DON’T eat yellow snow.


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