EXCLUSIVE: GT Series to run at Mondello Park in 2013

January 23, 2013 by Leo Nulty  

Mondello Park have announced a new 3 round GT series for 2013- the idea behind it being to get some idle cars out on track again and add to them and provide a race for varied machinery in the Mondello Park GT Series. The target is for;

  • Supercars
  • Porsche
  • Ex ITCC cars
  • Time Attack
  • Lotus
  • Specials
  • Abarths

“Ideally we will sub-divide the entry into 2, 3 or 4 classes, so a guy in an Abarth isn’t actually racing a 500bhp Sierra Cosworth or a Honda powered Lotus! There will be an overall 1st, 2nd & 3rd presented along with individual class awards. Entry fees are expected to remain at the reduced 2012 levels and we hope to land a sponsor to ensure this and cover trophy costs etc.” said John Morris of Mondello Park.
With the Abarth series having just ended after a 10 year run, and a number of the former RT2000/Dunlop Supercars still knocking around, as well as numerous Porsches, this class could provide some very interesting racing, especially as the organisers intend to introduce a few novel additions, such a two driver races, pit stops, handicap systems etc!

The plan is to run over 3 events which are;

June 9th – National Circuit
August 25th – National Circuit
September 14th/15th – International Circuit

It is planned to run each of the events to a different format and the proposal is;

June 9th: (Standard Format)
- 1 X 15minute qualifying
- 2 X 15 minute races.
- Race one will be a scratch start
- Race two will have an element of reverse grid TBA.

August 25th: (Two Driver 30 Minute Race)
- 2 X 10 minute qualifying sessions (one per driver)
- 1 X 30 minute race
- Car can be 1 or 2 driver with a mandatory controlled Pit Stop.
- The pit stop lap will be decided on by the organisers.

September 14th/15th: (1 X qualifying Scratch Race & 1 handicap race)
1 x 15 minute qualifying session – Saturday
- 1 x 15 minute race – Saturday
- Sunday – Qualifying times taken from Saturday scratch race
- 1 x 20 minute (possibly longer) with handicap starts – Sunday
- Staggered start should see all cars cross line together


One Response to “EXCLUSIVE: GT Series to run at Mondello Park in 2013”
  1. Nick Mulhall says:

    Great idea…! I am sure there are a lot of eligible cars in sheds all over the country! Maybe have different colour race numbers so that spectators can differentiate between classes when the cars are on track!

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