EXCLUSIVE: New Entry Level Fiesta Class to run at Mondello in 2013!

October 27, 2012 by Leo Nulty  

It would appear that Tin Top racing may once again be within the reach of the man in the stand with the news that a series will be run for 1.25 Zetec Fiestas at Mondello Park in 2013. This series has run with success in Kirkistown and the regulations will be identical- allowing competitors to do a few rounds of each if they prefer as well as both series hopefully meeting up on occasion. This is more than likely the final nail in the coffin of the remaining Fiat classes, even though the Punto 1400s had argued themselves into oblivion, the Abarths had made a brave effort to keep together despite falling numbers.

It would also form an ultra cheap feeder class into the ITCC, perhaps even via their new 16v Stockhatch sub class. Either way, it fills the entry level tin top gap left by the Unos and Puntos perfectly.

Should the Fiesta series take off, and at an estimated GBP1500 build cost, there is no need to think otherwise, then expect donedeal to be wiped clean of any suitable cars on a weekly basis. There is also talk of a Celebrity car for the series, now that certainly does sound like a bit of fun. Forget Hector or Glenda, I want to see Aron Smith have a go. Now THAT would be worth watching!!

Right, I am off to donedeal!!


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