How to get the 2013 winning mind-set!

November 28, 2012 by Linda Keen  

Do you need some help with your 2013 New Year’s motorsport goals? Is there a championship or even a race or rally you’d really like to win?

It’s also worth reflecting on the 2012 season; what worked well and what didn’t? Did you suffer from any of the following: lack of concentration, inability to focus, dwelling on past events which didn’t go well, negative thinking, worries about budget/finding money, lack of confidence, anxiety, panic, stress, pre-event nerves, etc? Just a few of the things that might affect your performance, and interestingly, they could even be issues that are affecting your life in general.

Lest we forget; competing in motorsport is supposed to be fun but when other ‘things’ get in the way, fun goes out the window along with the competitive edge.

Using a wide range of techniques former motorsport competitor and journalist turned psychotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach, Linda Keen, has been training karters, race and rally drivers for over 12 years and some of them have had some pretty useful results.

Now Linda is bringing her Unlimited Racing introductory course to Dungannon in Northern Ireland on Saturday, January 5th, at just the right time to renew your mind-set ready for the 2013 season.

The day-long course runs from 10.00 until 16.00 at Peatlands Park Education Centre, Dungannon and will give you a unique mind management toolbox for 2013.

So what will you learn?

First and foremost, just like your car it’s a good idea to know how to turn it on and operate it, and your mind is no different. So the understanding of how the mind works and the correlation between the conscious and the unconscious mind is the first step.

Do you know how to control your reality? No? Then an analogy of a film projector might help as the picture below demonstrates.

If the thoughts (film) going through your mind are about winning, doing well, being a champion, attracting sponsorship, etc, then that will be the picture which shows up on the screen (your life). However, if your thoughts are about anything negative, such as an accident, insufficient funding, excessive nerves, issues between team members, etc, these will show up on the screen and become your reality. But your reality can be changed instantly, by switching your thoughts from what you don’t want to what you do want.

It all sounds very simple but there’s one little factor which comes up to spoil the party; the contents of the unconscious mind, and therefore it is important to understand how this affects your thinking. We master this through various techniques – such as relaxation and memory management – and the course also explains the use of NLP in sport, how the representational system (the way the world is represented to us through visual, auditory, kinesthetics/feelings, and also taste and smell), which is vital knowledge for understanding how we communicate to ourselves and others.

As well as being participatory where you will discover first-hand the power of the unconscious mind, the course is supported with video material and hand-outs.

It is open to all drivers/riders from any discipline from karting upwards and as the course is very much to do with communication; rally drivers are encouraged to bring their co-drivers.

All course materials are included, as well as refreshments during the day and sandwiches at lunchtime.

The fee is £250, places are limited and early booking with a deposit of £100 is essential and must be made before midnight on Friday, December 14th. Payment by PayPal should be made at

Further reading is available in the current issue of TrackDriver, which is available on free subscription. Part 1, ‘Going with the Flow’ starts on Page 58 Part 2 will be in Issue 14 of TrackDriver, and out in January in time for the Autosport Show.

You can also call Linda on +44 7745 121790 or +353 86 8144144 for more information.

You may have the best competition car – now prepare to have the winning mind-set too. Don’t delay, book today!

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