I couldn’t stay away!- with Barry-John McHenry

March 11, 2014 by Barry-John McHenry  

Well the winter is drawing to a close and it’s that time of year again time to brush the dust off the race gear. At the end of last season I got to race my Punto Abarth in Silverstone with the British Alfa-Romeo Championship. I qualified 18th out of 36 and managed to climb to 8th and was flying considering the fast straights and being massively underpowered compared to the faster Alfas, I then got a massive vibration and had to retire, I had already sold the car so I was very cautious not to damage the car, the second race was a wash out and my windscreen kept fogging up but what a great weekend it was. The car was then passed onto its new owner and hopefully it will be seen in the ITCC Championship this season.

So anyway I then decided not to race and to concentrate on my Dunshaughlin Motor Company business this year, But there is one big problem , it’s not that easy to step away! I was up with Alastair of Kellett Motorsport and we decided sure I’d do a few rounds of the Future Classics racing series in his Mark 1 Punto 1400. The car hasn’t been used much of late due to the collapse of the Championship a number of years ago (don’t mention the war!). I had a quick word with my sponsors and Europcar, Speedy Tyres and Auto Services and Carsireland.ie were delighted to jump back on board. So we now have a plan and that’s to do the entire Future Classics Season in the mk1 Punto 1400 which we think will go very well in this series and we might switch to a Mark 1 Golf GTI for the last round if the ex rallycross car ever gets finished that is. The season starts this weekend and I’m really looking forward to teaming back up with the Kellett Motorsport team and chasing some wins this season. The class looks to be strong this year as they are expecting up to 20 cars this season.

A very special thanks to Kellett Motorsport, Europcar, Speedy Tyres and Auto Services, Carsireland.ie and of course Dunshaughlin Motor company (dmc.ie)

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