I have the drive- do you? Nissan Generation Next, with Sean Doyle.

April 17, 2014 by Sean Doyle  

This season I am supported by Nissan Ireland in their  Nissan Generation Next program. This program is to help driven individuals with big plans for the future. I was selected as a part of the program after Nissan Ireland had a corporate week in Mondello Park late in 2012. As a driving instructor in Mondello, I drove the very exciting Nissan Juke-R during the event. This isn’t your normal Nissan Juke, with 500bhp and a 4 wheel drive system from a Nissan GTR plus the GTR engine- all of which which makes the Juke-R feel as nimble and as fast as the GTR! Since I’ve been a part of the program I have been to a few launches and also the hugely popular National Ploughing Championships, where I demonstrated the New Nissan Note in the blind drive challenge using only  the new 360°camera with over 81,000 in attendance over the three day event! With the new programme, you could be doing what I’m doing and driving a new Nissan car for a year! If you think you have what it takes you can apply now on https://www.nissangenerationnext.ie/ and be a Nissan Generation Next Ambassador.



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