Gary Thompson: My season of highs and lows

October 15, 2012 by Gary Thompson  

gary thompson f3
Gary's season in Japanese F3 was a mixture of highs and lows but his highlight was victory in race 1 at Motegi

Hi Everyone, It’s been a good while since my last blog. I had written one after the race in Sugo but decided not to post it up here because it was just all moaning mainly about my own performance from the Sunday in Sugo. So onto the final race of the season in Fuji, as usual we had a horrific 1st practice session on Friday. It seems every race we... [Read more...]

Gary Thompson: Exciting Japanese Adventures

September 3, 2012 by Gary Thompson  

gary thompson
Gary had an exciting weekend both on and off the track!

I’m writing this blog from Frankfurt Airport on the way back from Okayama after a rather interesting weekend. Well off track anyway! As a team we made massive progress since the previous race. For the first time in dry conditions we seemed to be a genuine contender for the win. We ended Friday testing in 2nd place after starting the morning 3 seconds... [Read more...]

Gary Thompson: News from Fuji and an exciting Motegi!

August 9, 2012 by Gary Thompson  

Gary on the grid at Motegi going through some last minute preparations before the start. Photo:

Before going out to my most recent race in Motegi I wasn’t feeling too happy or confident with our situation this year. We have lacked pace and had no real ideas why. When around other cars it has seemed like they are able to just drive faster around corners than us! At the previous race in Fuji I managed to get an overall pole in qualifying.  I... [Read more...]

Gary Thompson: Japanese F3 Resumes

July 15, 2012 by Gary Thompson  

Gary looks ahead to Fuji qualifying

Everything has been reasonably quiet since my last blog since there was a gap in the Japanese Formula 3 calendar. I decided to go ahead and go out to Japan to test hoping my eye would be a bit better. That gamble worked pretty well as my sight was pretty much back to normal by the time testing started. Unfortunately though the weather ruined the test... [Read more...]

Gary Thompson: Eye’ve been busy!

July 2, 2012 by Gary Thompson  

Gary deep in thought during his GP3 test in Valencia

It was a busy couple of days after my last blog. As you will have read, I rushed off to Valencia on the Thursday. After finding out that I was testing the following day at 2 o’clock everything was a little bit hectic! We did quite possibly the latest seat fit of all time.  Starting at around half 12 at night. We finally left the track just before... [Read more...]

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