My Weekend in the “Chair”! With Jamie Masterson

April 15, 2014 by Jamie Masterson  

Jamie hard at work on the way out of Ford Corner.... Image from James Foley

Well, that’s the first round of the Adelaide Masters series from Mondello Park over, and what an enjoyable weekend it turned out to be! I had been down testing on the Wednesday at Woolsey Coulter’s ART day which had left me brimming with confidence rolling into the first round, I was chuffed with how the bike felt and was pretty happy with how... [Read more...]

Masterson aims for top step again this season!

March 29, 2014 by Jamie Masterson  

JM2's Biking blogger Jamie Masterson has been working hard over the winter months, both on his fitness and chasing sponsorship- he seems to have done well at both!

With the new season looming, I’m focusing on just one thing- victory in 2014. After a poor season in 2013, I’m looking to bounce back and get back to my winning ways. With a mixture of bad luck and low team morale we struggled all year to get to terms with the big AMA Suzuki but now with a new bike, new sponsors, full fitness and a positive... [Read more...]

Jamie Steps It Up- with Jamie Masterson

August 15, 2013 by Jamie Masterson  

Kirtstown (215)
Jamie at speed on his JMR Suzuki.

After another great weekend for all the JMR squad at rounds 7 and 8 of the Adelaide Masters series from Bishopscourt, I’m now well on top of my game knocking seconds of my personal best laptime around the Northern Irish Circuit. After a slow start to the season where I struggled to even match my laptimes from last year I’ve clicked into... [Read more...]

Latest Update- with Jamie Masterson

July 11, 2013 by Jamie Masterson  

jamie masterson 2
2013 has been tough so far- but Jamie is confident the improvements will keep coming.

After a tough start to my 2013 superbike campaign, I’m starting to make good headway on dialing in my ex Celtic Racing USA SUZUKI GSXR. After a few hair pulling months of getting nowhere and not even being able to qualify for the main Superbike races, we’ve made some changes which have put us heading in the right direction, Slowly but surely... [Read more...]

Return of the Mojo- with Jamie Masterson

May 21, 2013 by Jamie Masterson  

Jamie was delighted to have finally pinpointed the reason for his previous lack of pace!

Finally starting to make progress on my new Suzuki after many weekends struggling to even break that magic minute! After many a sleepless nite and head melting weeks of doing laps of Mondello Park in my head trying to find out where I was going so wrong. I’d be the first person to put up my hand and say I was riding crap but I knew I wasn’t... [Read more...]

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