Take It Outa That: Tadgh says it like it is!

October 25, 2012 by Tadgh  

Tadgh in Hong Kong
So here I am in Hong Kong with John O'Hara and the Nulty fella

Sure that’s it- the season is over. Bit of rallycross now should keep me going over winter I suppose. Stayed in the stand for the first one last Sunday- saw the peoples champion T Bone Tommy watchin all the action and the oul Fiesta sittin at home. Maybe he will have a go in one of those new Buggys- they didn’t look too bad! Bit nippy back... [Read more...]

Talk To The Paw: Off to Belgium for a bitta ERC

August 8, 2012 by Tadgh  

Come over and watch, they said. Be great craic, they said...... Photo: Jennifer Tonin

Tis meself with Martin and Kenny back in '99. Photo: JayTee Photographic So the boy Tohill asked me to come one of the ERC rounds & sure I said I might as well. I have not been to one since 1999, when I had a chat with me oul buddies Kenny Hansen and Martin Schanche. I thought they were givin me poker chips! You pay for beer with these yokes!... [Read more...]

Talk To The Paw: Nipped over to Le Mans!

July 19, 2012 by Tadgh  

I don't see welcome as Gaeilge!? Yer man Doyle won't be over here in a hurry...

Irvine's yoke- le hack of it!!! The Red Phone- known as Le Tadgh Line..... Nipped over to Le Mans last week. Never a big sportscar fan, me and I tell you what- when I said Le Mans would put you asleep I wasn’t wrong… Mind you, I suppose I should try going when there’s a race on! Would you believe they have a red phone in race control... [Read more...]

Tadgh: Talk to the Paw!

July 14, 2012 by Tadgh  

Got the call from Lotus to take over from Grosjean! Photo: Jennifer Tonin

Alright folks, it’s time for me to put paw to pen to virtual paper. This is the first of my Talk to Tadgh pieces. I say it like it is and if you have an issue, you can talk to the paw! It has been a busy few weeks since I set up this site I can tell you. Well, I say set up the site but I have been jet setting around the world so I left those other... [Read more...]