Irish Motorsport- What a great community we have!

November 22, 2012 by Leo  

There are times when we should all feel proud of our motorsport community. This week is definitely one of those times. As you all know, Chris Paul’s immaculate Mondiale Formula Ford and trailer were stolen from Hillsborough last weekend.

FF1600 stalwart Karen Kissane took up the baton and contacted as may people as she knew with a picture of the car and trailer. I immediately wrote a quick piece about the theft on this site. What happened next was nothing short of incredible. The link, and Karen’s picture went viral. On Facebook alone it reached over 10,000 people and probably more again on Twitter. It soon became obvious that whoever had the car was going to have big trouble moving it, never mind selling it! Incredibly, and happily, the car and trailer were recovered just 24 hours later. To everyone who posted, reposted, shared the link and/or retweeted, a huge well done. And of course a special mention to Karen, who started the whole campaign off.

This week is definitely a good week for Irish motorsport!


PS, Karen is now chasing Noel Dunne’s Mountain Bike, which went missing at the FF Festival in Brands- she just might be the next Miss Marple! I lost my teddy bear when I was four, I might just ask her to go after that one next!


2 Responses to “Irish Motorsport- What a great community we have!”
  1. Ivan Casey says:

    If she finds that teddy bear, you might send her off to find your hair too!! :)

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