Jump from FF1600 to Formula Sheane- with Séan Doyle.

July 16, 2014 by Séan Doyle  

It’s been about two years since I’ve driven a Formula Sheane but last week Motorsport.ie’s Leo Nulty approached me and asked would I be interested in driving his Formula Sheane at the weekend at the Dunlop Formula Vee Festival. So as usual with last minute things it was a bit of a rush on Friday morning before testing we had to change the oil and filter and a quick track of the front end with the help of the lads in the Mondello Park workshop. We had good pace on Friday during testing in the afternoon and we were happy.
Saturday came and a late decision to put new tyres on the car meant another rush before qualifying and I made a slight mistake in the rush before qualifying which put us on the back foot for race one- starting in 8th position.
When the lights went out I made a good start from 8th ducking and diving through the cars in front to make it up to third position. I was having a good battle with one of the class regulars but it started to get messy and they didn’t like the fact I was in front and as it all got a bit argybargy, my bodywork flew up and stuck the throttle open so I had to switch it off and when I went to switch it back on it wouldn’t restart so I had to pull in and retire.

My mirrors were full for most of the race! Image from Cregor Elliott,

My mirrors were full for most of the race! Image from Cregor Elliott,

Race two was on Sunday was a little better, I started 7th and by the end of the first lap I was up to 1st! I was under a bit of pressure from behind but I had it under control. The Safety Car was deployed about half way through for two laps but when the lights went out on the safety car I made
sure I backed everyone up and I made a run for the line and tried to maintain a gap but Kevin Sheane was never too far behind. It all went to plan though and I crossed the line first for the win!
It was great to do so well in a car I stepped into on Friday for a few laps and to come out on Saturday and Sunday and to be on the pace, I wish I had more time in it to try and dial out the dreadful understeer! I’d like to thank Leo Nulty for the car, my dad Vincent and Barry Rabbitt for running the car Ray, Richie and Danny in the workshop in Mondello who helped me change the oil and filter on Friday, Motorsport.ie, Nissan Ireland, Mondello Park, BOSS Security, Brand Match, Wicklow Tyre Services and IT Monkey

I’ll be back in my regular FF1600 in August in Mondello Park with my MCP team if not before ;)

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