Kris Meeke Launches Retro Rallying Photo Archive!

March 28, 2014 by Andrew Bushe  

Citroen World Rally Team driver Kris Meeke launched the new Rally Retro website this week. Comprising of an archive of over 300,000 rally photographs, the new site takes rally enthusiasts on a historical journey back through time.

Kris Meeke, whose father Sydney ran some of the top rally cars for Bertie Fisher and many others in the 80’s was particularly impressed. “Over the years you don’t like to think you are getting an older, but you do tend to look back, and your memory does become vague. To have all those photographs, especially with my dad’s history in the sport is excellent. It’s all there documented, and it’s something pretty special to see” commented Kris.

The extensive archive has been built up over the last decade by Dungannon’s Fergus McAnallen, with the first website going live in 2006 only to be replaced now with this new and improved one. The catalogue of events covered in the archive, which can be downloaded on the website, spans six decades of rallying on an all levels – Irish National & International, British National and International, European and some World events also but kicking the site off, Fergus has already up-loaded over 27,000 images onto this new site, focusing aptly on the Circuit of Ireland from 1964 to 2013. With the ERC event coming up at Easter it’s an ideal time to look back at the history of this truly classic event.

The new site allows users to search by any combination of event, year and driver, either individually or together as a combined filtered search, and a new easier system to order prints from the archive. There are also launch offers on the improved website with 100 exclusive Rally Retro beanie hats free with the first 100 orders. Spend £50 or over and get 20% off your next order, £80 or over and get 25% off your next order and £100 or over and get 30% off your next order.

It’s an exciting time for Fergus and Rally Retro. “It’s been a real passion and very enjoyable gathering up the archive over the years. There’s been a lot of hard work, and I cannot take credit for it all. Kevin O’Driscoll from Cork has been instrumental in scanning thousands of photographs and providing valuable information. Andrew Bushe has also helped out over the years, as have many others with contributions to the archive. I would also like to thank Kris Meeke for launching the new site and Fergal Kelly for the launch photos. Above all I hope people enjoy it, and are able to get the pictures that bring back the memories.” Rally Retro has a good following already on Facebook and Twitter @rallyretro where rallying pictures are often posted.

Interested in rallying? It would be wise to check out, but be warned the hours could tick by almost unnoticed as you delve into rallying’s rich history!

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