Low Cost Motorsport in Mullingar!

February 6, 2013 by Mark McLachlan  

Have you ever dreamed of racing a car and presumed its a sport too expensive for you? Well, according to the Westmeath and District Motor Club, motorsport can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of budget. This Mullingar based club are running a non championship Autotest competition on Sunday the 3 rd of March in the Forest Park Industrial Estate, Mullingar. This ultra-competitive form of motorsport delivers fun racing at a very low cost. The rules of Autotesting are fairly simple, competitors must drive through a series of short tight courses, know as tests, in the shortest possible time. There are time penalties added for mistakes such as hitting the course markers or taking the wrong route through the test. The Westmeath Autotest will consist of five tests on tarmac, which the competitors will have to do three times.

This event is suitable for all two wheel drive, non turbo road cars. The cars do not have to be road legal so many competitors buy and race very cheap older cars. These cars can be bought for as little as €100 and the costs can be further lowered as the Westmeath club allows up to two drivers share each car. Other competitors use their everyday road cars for Autotesting with the Toyota Starlets being quite popular. The cars must have effective exhaust pipes in order to reduce noise and they require very little modification’s, with most competitors fitting a steering knob to aid quick direction changes.

This Autotest is open to anyone 17 years of age or older, with a Motorsport Ireland Competition Licence. The Westmeath and District Motor Club can arrange a licence which costs €25 for one day or a yearly licence for €40, which would allow entry to other events (The club would need at least 2 weeks notice to help arrange an annual competition licence) . There will be trophy’s for the top overall winner, Top Overall Beginner the top three in each of the six classes, top novice in each class, best lady and best Westmeath club member. The entry for this extremely fun event is €40 for beginners. So it is possible to share the purchase of a car, use a one day licence and enter for €115 and still have a car to either sell or use at other events.

The Westmeath and District Motor Club organise are organsing two Motorsport competitions this year and help at many rally events across the country. For those interested in Motorsport spectating or marshaling at events is great fun and an ideal first step towards racing. The club can be contacted by “secretary@westmeathmotorclub.ie” or see our facebook page “westmeathand.districtmotorclub”.


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  1. david cunningham says:

    wat about autograss buggie would they be aloud enter !!if so i could arrange 2 buggies maybe 3 2.0 redtop 3.0 ford st and twin bikes gsxr 1000cc all in buggies !!! scrutenered by top nasa officials!!


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