Mondello Park returns to traditional St Patrick’s Weekend season opener.

March 14, 2014 by Fergus Brennan  

The 2014 Car Racing season is shaping up to be a good one with the promise of larger grids across many classes, an additional race date and the introduction of the ‘Champion of Mondello’ titles.

The aim of the ‘Champion of Mondello’ is to give competitors more chances to race at Mondello Park. To facilitate this, race meetings which do not include Irish Championship rounds will now score for the circuits’ own championships. This initiative will mean busier race days and hopefully bigger grids across all classes.

This weekends event will be the first event to count for the new series and it will also be televised on Mondello.TV. Full details of the weekends racing and the live streaming coverage can be found below.The 2014 Car Racing season gets under way at Mondello Park this weekend with the circuit’s own championships taking centre stage. The new season will see the introduction of ‘Champion of Mondello’ titles for a number of racing classes, with these series running alongside the existing Irish Championships as an extra incentive for competitors to race at the County Kildare venue.

Sunday’s race meeting will be presided over by the Mondello Park Sports Club and will feature the return of Formula Ford to Mondello Park and this class, along with Formula Vee and GTs will be racing for Champion of Mondello points. The circuits own one make saloon racing series, the Patch Tyre Equipment Fiesta Championship will also kick off its second season on Sunday and with close to 50 cars entered it will require a qualifying race for its opening round.

Also joining in on Sunday will be the opening round of the Yokohama Irish Championship along with Historic Cars and Future Classics, in an eleven race programme. The Formula Fords, Fiestas, ITCC and GTs will all race twice while the Vees, Historics and Future Classics will race once each.

Time Class Session
09:15 Patch Fiestas – Session 1 Qualifying (12 mins)
09:30 Patch Fiestas – Session 2 Qualifying (12 mins)
09:45 Mondello GT Series Qualifying (12 mins)
10:00 Yokohama Irish Touring Car Championship Qualifying (12 mins)
10:15 Formula Ford Qualifying (12 mins)
10:30 Formula Vee – Champion of Mondello Series Qualifying (12 mins)
10:45 Historics Qualifying (12 mins)
11:00 Future Classics Qualifying (12 mins)
11:25 Patch Fiesta Qualification Race Race 1 (15 Mins)
11:55 Mondello GT Series Race 1 (15 Mins)
12:25 Yokohama Irish Touring Car Championship Race 1 (15 Mins)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Formula Ford – Champion of Mondello Series Race 1 (15 Mins)
14:30 Future Classics Race (15 Mins)
15:00 Formula Vee – Champion of Mondello Series Race (15 Mins)
15:30 Patch Fiesta Final Race 2 (15 Mins)
16:00 Historics Race (15 Mins)
16:30 Yokohama Irish Touring Car Championship Race 2 (15 Mins)
17:00 Mondello GT Series Race 2 (15 Mins)
17:30 Formula Ford – Champion of Mondello Series Race 2 (15 Mins)

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