Motormouth’s Video of the Week!

December 7, 2012 by Leo  

A classic “up to 1300cc” Production Saloon race. Watch the angles of the legendary John Burns in the little Alfasud 1350 Ti!!


2 Responses to “Motormouth’s Video of the Week!”
  1. Kieran Reid says:

    Brilliant, Brilliant, action, Mondello as it always was and why it got the crowds through the gates, bring on the Fiesta 1.25′s next year, hopefully we will see plenty of action like this!!

  2. Des Bruton says:


    That`s a fantastic video with Burnsie in the Alfa. John appeared in Rallying about late 60`s early 70`s with a 1600 escort and blitzed everyone first time out.
    In 75/76 he and I were rallying 998 imps and I recall the Moonraker Forest rally on Cork when he and I retired, probably doughnut failures, in 2nd and 3rd place overall against the really quick escorts – the imp was great on the loose.
    I co- drove with John , on tarmac, in the Galway summer rally of 1976 – what an experience. John went on to be one of the quickest in the country with a lovely bdg escort built by Sidney Meeke, Joe French in the left hand seat.

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