My Motormouth Car Collection!

January 1, 2013 by Leo  

I decided recently that it was time to reduce my collection of cars. I use the term collection loosely but I had a valid reason for acquiring each and every one at the time. First things first, I needed to take stock- that’s a polite way of saying I had no idea how many cars I had and in some cases where they are! I was half shocked and half proud to learn that I was comfortably into double figures. A total of three Seicentos, one fully prepped by ASK Racing for Endurance Rallying- two Unos, (one road & one race) and the Ritmo Turbo that I have threatened to drive for years but never have, added to a Formula Sheane, a Junior Rallycross Micra, two race Imps and a road Barchetta.

Barry Rabbitt at the wheel of my Formula Sheane all the way to 2nd in the Leinster Trophy in 2012. Not bad for a tin-topper! Photo: Michael Chester

An ad on here had Aidan Byrne on the blower like a shot about the race Uno. The ex Bernie Braden Uk spec car is probably one of the quicker ones in the country and should be very competitive in 2013 the new Future Classics class in Aidan’s hands.Then I got an e-mail from Coilin Clinton in Australia about the road Uno. A guy rang Mondello during the summer saying that his dad was no longer driving and wanted to sell on his Uno- he had heard there was a race class for them and thought someone might want it. I went up to Dublin to have a look the following weekend and found myself driving home in it a few hours later. After a good cleanup it looked like new and showed only three owners on the old, brown logbook. A rear exhaust was fitted and off we went to the NCT station. I was using the old adage of “fire her through and we will fix whatever it fails on!”but my plan backfired- it sailed through. I had great fun driving it around for a while- 4 speed, wind up windows, no power steering, abs etc. anyway- it now belongs to an Oz resident. Kind of fitting that the last ever Uno Cup champion now has an original road Uno too. So both Unos went to good homes and I was down two cars- happy days. Until I saw a NI Fiesta Zetec racer for sale… couldn’t help myself, lifted the phone and called Andy McCullough and a few days later, I was in the Applegreen Services on the M1 swapping bundles of Uno money for my latest acquision! Mondello are running a class for these little cars in 2013 and there seems to be huge interest in them so I thought why not?!

The latest member of the family, the first entry into the Mondello Fiesta Zetec Championship!

So basically it was a case of forward two steps and back one- in terms of stock levels anyway! I will test the Fiesta in the next few weeks and might do a race or two in it in 2013.

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