My Weekend in the “Chair”! With Jamie Masterson

April 15, 2014 by Jamie Masterson  

Well, that’s the first round of the Adelaide Masters series from Mondello Park over, and what an enjoyable weekend it turned out to be! I had been down testing on the Wednesday at Woolsey Coulter’s ART day which had left me brimming with confidence rolling into the first round, I was chuffed with how the bike felt and was pretty happy with how well I was riding considering it was my first run out of the year. Headed down Friday evening after work with the the chief food technician(aka da auldlad!) and set up camp in our usual hunting spot, All ready to rock for Saturdays qualifying! I’d been asked on Friday evening by Paul Gaffney if I wanted to give somebody a hand passanger in a sidecar cos I’d been ‘mad for tar’ for the past few years to have a go in the chair.. obviously I wasn’t goin to say no!! I kinda thought nothing more of it till Derek Lynch arrived down Saturday morning and asked me was I still feeling mental?? And if I changed my mind..Literally!! So away we went for a brief 5 min demo of wat I hold onto and wer I should be and when etc.- seeing as I’d never sat or really paid to much attention to the outfits.. thanks to nicole lynch for the pointers! And away out for morning warm up..on slicks…in the wet?? Wat was I after getting myself into!! Never the less I was surprised with how well I took to it and how much crack it was!! Still smilling! Few more pointers from Derek and Nicole and away out to qualifying where any position would have been done but no.. front row it was alongside dereks brother and eclipse racing team mate Dylan lynch with stephen mullan in the chair. Race 1 saw us get the big f1 sidecar off the line and barreled into turn 1 in 3rd or 4th place(cudnt see cause I had my eyes closed.. lol) and the only time I was having second thoughts was when there were 3 outfits side by side heading down into the dogs leg and me hanging over the back wheel waiting to get drove over by the lad near leaning on us… unreal buzz!!! We finished second in that race after an 8 lap drift session.. Race 2 it bucketed down rain just before we headed for the grid so it was on with the wets, we got away cleanly from the start and by lap 3 or 4 we had a healthy lead over 3rd place, we wer pushing dylan lynch around through the tight and twisty stuff and looked like Derek was setting him up for a last lap last corner typical mondello block pass, but I think Derek got a bit excited and too heavy handed (sorry Derek I had to) and we spun it coming on to the last lap, never the less we finished 3rd and set the fasted lap of the race by a fair margin and took home some more silverwear! Race 3 was fully dry and we just hadn’t got the tyres to push for the whole race so 4th place was good enough and a few more points in the bag in the Adrian Shea memorial trophy where Derek and myself are currently lying 3rd.. Great to see my name in yet another form of racing, this brings my tally of 2,3 and 4 wheels on machines ive raced around mondello park and im delighted to have been given the opertunity by Derek and all the team at Eclipse racing and the irish sidecar club! Look forward to getting back in the chair again sometime soon and you never know mite see JMR running there own f1 sidecar in 2015… Superbike report to follow .. Flash #22

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