Nicole Coffey: OMG AGAIN! I won the SKC, the MKC and the IKC ‘Young Driver of the Year’. What a year!

October 30, 2012 by Nicole Coffey  

I attended the Karting Awards on Friday night and I was delighted. As well as receiving amazing trophies for 1st place in the Munster Karting Club Championship, 1st place in the the Southern Karting Club Championship and 2nd place in the Motorsport Ireland Championship, I was also awarded The Irish Karting Club’s ‘Young Driver of the Year’! On top of all those, a couple of weeks, I won The All Ireland Karting Championship & received another super trophy. I had to go away for the weekend very early on Saturday morning so I didn’t really get a chance to have a good look at all of my trophies. I think that my proud Dad must have spent the weekend with his can of silver polish and a cloth because when I arrived home last night I nearly had to wear sunglasses they were all shining so brightly!!

Nicole with her impressive collection of awards at the Irish Karting Awards. Photo: John Coffey

I can’t believe what an amazing year I have had. I have enjoyed the season so much. It was hugely competitive and occasionally frustrating at times, but all in all I have learned so much and got great results. A huge shout out needs to go out to my Dad who is my biggest supporter. He has done so much to get me this far and I know that he has great hopes for me. Also, I would like to thank all of Coby Motorsport. It is a great team to be in and I was delighted that all of the drivers in the team did so well! Many thanks also to all in Motorsport Ireland who have been really supportive.

My season isn’t quite over yet. I am off to Bahrain in a couple of weeks to race in the last round of the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy. I am really looking forward to it. I have never been to the Middle East before and the track looks fab!! I will of course let you know how I get on.



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