Stephen Daly: To infinity and beyond!

November 7, 2012 by Stephen Daly  

Hi all, bouyed by my latest mission at the Formula Vee Festival, I was eager to get out racing in the FF1600 class again. Unfortunately the FF1600 Kent class wasn’t running at the next meeting (Leinster Trophy), which left me shuffling around deciding which class to race in? I want my name on the Leinster Trophy but also throwing a spanner in the works was a particular Williams-liveried F3000 car! I had the opportunity to drive the most successful car to ever race in Formula Libre Ireland! This car has won multiple championships, races and was originally the feeder class to F1 of its day. Bearing this in mind, my choice was easy; it had to be racing the F3000 in the Breezemount Magic Bullet Formula Libre Ireland race.

Getting introduced to the car was going to be a challenge in testing but “Awesome” wasn’t a good enough description of it. The rasp and shake from the car would lift your mind and take you out of this world. The car was a dream to drive, the extra grip and power launched the car from corner to corner. I completed the shakedown and finally got to push the car on, feeling more capable every lap the car squeezed me to push the limits and go faster. Within 10 laps I was down to the cars personal best on the track and found more time to go one second quicker than the previous best time!

The event sequence initiated and I went out for qualifying, all fired up I went outright quickest on the first lap and claimed pole position. With more in the tanks I continued and went 3 seconds faster, still retaining pole position for both races. Buzzing, I went out for race one and rocketed off the line into the lead, throughout the race I was unchallenged, setting fastest lap early and finished in the lead. With win one behind me, I set off for a similar result in race 2 but as ever the weather added to the tension with threatening rain clouds. I imagined a wet track would be a challenge to master the car in but also add some spice to who was going to win. Fortunately for me, it was dry for the race and the winning streak continued.

After racing for two weekends this year in FF1600 and Formula Libre achieving three out of four wins, four podium positions, three of four fastest laps and conquering such a powerful & iconic F3000 car, what will be my next racing challenge? “TO INFINITY AND BEYOND”

Stephen Daly

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