Stevie on track for 3rd Consecutive Hewison Title

December 2, 2012 by Guy Foster  

Last weekend saw the Hewison Autotest Championship head to one of the more unusual venues of recent years for rounds 6 and 7, with a two-day event organised by Carlow Car Club at Kilrush Airfield, Co. Kildare. Clerk of the course for the weekend was Fiona Driver. The tests on both days were based around the aircraft hangers at the venue on a smooth tarmac surface.

Steven Ferguson got off to a flying start on day 1 and was leading after the first three tests. JJ Farrell, fresh from his win at Mondello the previous Sunday, started a charge on test 4, taking 3.3 seconds and the lead before an engine failure his 9th test ruled him out of contention. Reigning champion Stevie then took a 13 second victory over Paddy Power’s Mini Moke with Glen Irwin third overall in Ken’s Hire Mini.

Glen Irwin claimed Class A victory. Photo:

The victory in class A went to Glen Irwin ahead of Daniel and Eamon Byrne. Daniel just about finished ahead of Eamon, who charged back through the field after an uncharacteristic failed test from the Hewison’s most successful competitor.

Paddy Power was second in class B just behind overall winner Steven Ferguson. Photo:

Class B honours again went to Stephen Ferguson, with Paddy Power second and Alan Coyle taking up third spot in the front wheel drive special section.

Timmy Lynch took the class C honours along with the Semi-Expert award. Photo:

The rear wheel drive class C was won by Timmy Lynch, followed up by Liam Cashman and Darren Quille. Darren was in a battle with Timmy before a broken driveshaft led to a differential failure with 3 tests to go. Timmy also took the Semi-Expert award on the day.

David Thompson took a commanding win in the large saloon class ahead of Mark King who was struggling with gearbox woes all day. The ever improving Peter Falvey was third in class and also picked up the best novice spot.

Steven Ferguson was once again victorious on the second day, making it 6 wins out of 7 in this year’s championship. He was kept on his toes all day by Eamon Byrne who was driving the Ken Irwin Hire Mini after discovering a gearbox fault in his car before the start of he event. Paddy Power was 3rd on the day in his Moke.

Eamonn Byrne took day 2's class A victory. Photo:

Guy Foster in the DIT Sport Mini was 3rd in class A on Sunday. Photo:

Class A was won by Eamon with Glen Irwin second. Glen was double driving the hire mini with Eamon on the event. Guy Foster was 3rd in class in his DIT Sport Mini.

Class B was a repeat of day one’s result with Steven Ferguson out in front, Paddy Power second and Alan Coyle third.

Timmy Lynch again won the Semi-Expert award and took the win on day two in rwd class C. Liam Cashman was second and Timmy’s father, Gerry Lynch took the third spot.

David Thompson took the class D spoils on both days. Photo:

It was a repeat result in class D on day two also, David Thompson was the first large saloon home followed by Mark King who only stole back second place of the day’s novice award winner Peter Falvey on the very last test. have edited up a video of the event highlights for the Hewison Championship and

The next round of the championship will be in Longford in the new year, organized by Midlands Motor Club.


1 Steven Ferguson (Mini Special) 677.2s,
2 Paddy Power (Mini Moke) 690.3s,
3 Glen Irwin (Mini) 703.8s,
4 David Thompson (Nova) 708.2s,
5 Daniel Byrne (Mini) 709.0s,
6 Eamonn Byrne (Mini) 709.4s,
7 Chris Grimes (Mini) 714.9s,
8 Alan Coyle (Mini Special) 718.1s,
9 Guy Foster (Mini) 718.5s,
10 Mark King (Nova) 734.5s,
11 Paul Phelan (Mini Special) 737.2s,
12 Peter Falvey (Nova) 751.6s.

Class winners: Glen Irwin, Paddy Power, Timmy Lynch (Westfield) 760.4s, David Thompson, Piers MacFheorais (Mazda MX5) 564.9s.

Novice award: Peter Falvey.


1 Steven Ferguson (Mini Special) 607.2s,
2 Eamonn Byrne (Mini) 614.0s,
3 Paddy Power (Mini Moke) 620.9s,
4 Glen Irwin (Mini) 637.8s,
5 David Thompson (Nova) 643.1s,
6 Guy Foster (Mini) 649.0s,
7 Chris Grimes (Mini) 650.7s,
8 Mark King (Nova) 660.5s,
9 Peter Falvey (Nova) 662.0s,
10 Alan Coyle (Mini Special) 673.2s,
11 Damien Doran (Mini) 673.5s,
12 Timmy Lynch (Westfield) 678.5s.

Class winners: Eamonn Byrne, Paddy Power, Timmy Lynch, David Thompson, John Roseblade (Micra) 972.0s.

Novice award: Mark Geraghty (Starlet) 1025.5s.

Beginners’ award: Peter Falvey.

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