BREAKING NEWS- John Crosslé Passes Away.

September 1, 2014 by Leo Nulty  

Plum Crosslé
Plum Tyndall and John Crosslé at the RIAC last year, where they entralled the audience with some stories from their new book. Image from Michael Chester.

John Crosslé, a man who made a huge contribution to motorsport in Ireland, has passed away over the weekend. The Crosslé Car Company, which John founded back in 1957, produced some incredibly successful cars in many different formulae and disciplines. John’s first cars, as with Colin Chapman’s, were Ford 1172 based specials. The Mark... [Read more...]

VIDEO- Crossle & RT2000 Race from Mondello Park.

March 24, 2014 by Leo Nulty  

PJ Fallon lines up on pole position in his yellow Crossle 9S

In this one, the Crossle 9S class run at the same time as the RT2000 class.  Ironically, the Crossles produce the closest racing and hence get most of the coverage as Arnie Black, PJ Fallon and Richard Parsons scrap for the win. Morgan Dempsey Junior, having moved from single seaters to the RT2000 class, seems to have no problems dealing with the class... [Read more...]

A New Page in Crossle’s History is Written

November 14, 2012 by Tony Gregory  

Two late run Crossle 9Ss in action. GPBphotographs
Two late run Crossle 9S's in action. Photo: GPBphotographs

The Crossle Car Company Ltd based in Hollywood Co Down yesterday announced that Paul Mc Morran, a long-time Crossle customer and motorsport enthusiast, will be taking over the ownership and management of the company from immediate effect. The Belfast born 54 year old had his early fascination with motorsport fired up by the family garage in Newtownards... [Read more...]