Mondello Season Opener Blog- with Cregor Elliott

March 29, 2014 by Cregor Elliott  

Blackburn will be looking for win '2 on Sunday! Image from

Blackburn will be looking for win '2 on Sunday! Image from

Vee winner Blackburn crosses the line!

It was great to have the season starting back at its early St Patrick’s weekend slot after a few years of April beginnings, but there was nothing spring like about the mid March weather which was damp and gloomy. The not too hectic schedule saw me arriving just after ten having dispatched my F1 duties early following the Australian GP. Qualifying... [Read more...]

Formula Vee Festival Blog- with Cregor Elliott

July 31, 2013 by Cregor Elliott  

Vee Fest1
Trevor Delaney drove superbly to win the 2013 Dunlop Formula Vee Festival

The Dunlop Formula Vee Festival was the highlight of the season at Mondello Park last year and was shaping up to emulate that feat for this year. Brilliant weather and even better racing were the order of the day. This year all proceeds from the event will go to the LauraLynn Foundation and as thing s stand it looks like we may exceed the total raised... [Read more...]

“On Yer Bike”- Kirkistown with Cregor Elliott.

July 29, 2013 by Cregor Elliott  

I head off to film the latest "On Yer Bike"

I head off to film the latest "On Yer Bike"

Cregor sets off on his lap- Image from Steve Hawthorne.

It’s been a while, but the inimitable Cregor Elliott has got the bike out for another of his brilliant “On Yer Bike” pieces exclusively for This time, the famous Kirkistown Circuit, steeped in history, played host to Cregor’s bike for a wonderful insight into the history and development of Ireland’s fastest... [Read more...]

Video of The Week- Near Miss with Cregor Elliott

June 19, 2013 by Leo Nulty  

If this one doesn't make you laugh, there's something wrong with you!

Cregor Elliot is one of the characters of Irish Motorsport. For quite a few years now, he has been shooting and commentating on his own inimitable coverage of Irish Formula Vee, amongst other things. This weeks video is an absolute cracker. During one of the early LMC Anglesey meetings, Cregor borrowed a moped to go down to turn one and film some action.... [Read more...]

Kirkistown- June 2013. with Cregor Elliott

June 7, 2013 by Cregor Elliott  

Philip Shields took two impressive Libre wins!

Due to crossed wires I was still fast asleep when JD rang to say he was 2 minutes away to pick me up for the May meeting at Kirky but everything was ready to go, so I grabbed my camera bag and we were on our way. I’ve been up the north so much this month that I fully expect to get a poll tax bill any day soon, and it was another beautiful morning... [Read more...]

Kirkistown Blog- with Cregor Elliott

May 18, 2013 by Cregor Elliot  

Cregor and Con enjoyed their trip north!

Ah isn’t it just great that racing is back. This year saw a later start in the year than most recent times this is probably a good thing given the weather in Ireland the past few weeks. Con Connolly picked me up at 6am (I’d say bright and early but it was still dark) for the drive to Kirkistown that went through frost glistening fields and... [Read more...]

Cregor’s Video of the Week!

January 23, 2013 by Cregor Elliott  

The longest short race ever!

The longest short race ever! Irish Formula Vee Race, Anglesey Wales, 4 July 2009 The Irish Vees visited Anglesey for a double header in July ’09 and Saturdays race was bizarre to say the least. Officially it was one of the shortest races I’ve ever seen while unofficially one of the longest due to rain, and incidents up at Radar corner. The... [Read more...]

Cregor’s Video of the Week!

January 9, 2013 by Cregor Elliott  

Donington Park was a magical place to me

I could see the huge benefits of Youtube when it started in 2005 and was quick to sign up but was initially hampered by the length of time it took to process videos ( in ’05 it would take all night to process a short film), and dial up internet, which when thinking back I wonder how anything atall was uploaded to the internet as it was so slow. By... [Read more...]

Cregor’s Video of the Week!

December 21, 2012 by Cregor Elliott  

This video has hit over a staggering half million views on YouTube!

Today’s offering is my most famous video, the so-called ‘Seagull Video’ It hails from the Saturday Formula Vee race of the Phoenix Park Races in 2007, and has a bit of everything really being high on comedy, drama, along with being on first glance unbelievable. What initially appears to be a car with a seagull on the front spreading... [Read more...]

Motormouth’s Video of the Week!

November 24, 2012 by Leo  

Check out this Cregor Classic to kick off our new Video of the Week piece!

Welcome to our new Video of the Week piece on! Now that we’re coming into the quiet winter season, we all need something to keep that appetite for the sport alive while we wait for the new season to arrive. Each week we’ll post our favourite videos from the now vast selection online, but please feel free to submit any crackers... [Read more...]

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