FF1600 Final, Mondello Park 1985

January 8, 2014 by Leo Nulty  

In the mid 80s, the Irish built Crossle & Mondiale chassis were amongst the best available.

Another FF1600 battle from Mondello Park. In this one the experienced Martin Boyle in the latest Mondiale, battles with Pat Duffy, the Meath ace having stepped down from a successful FF2000 campaign, in an old Crossle, with Alan McGarrity right there too in a current Crossle. Vivion Daly is also there, having swapped from the unsuccessful Reynard FF85... [Read more...]

Talk To The Paw: Nipped over to Le Mans!

July 19, 2012 by Tadgh  

I don't see welcome as Gaeilge!? Yer man Doyle won't be over here in a hurry...

Irvine's yoke- le hack of it!!! The Red Phone- known as Le Tadgh Line..... Nipped over to Le Mans last week. Never a big sportscar fan, me and I tell you what- when I said Le Mans would put you asleep I wasn’t wrong… Mind you, I suppose I should try going when there’s a race on! Would you believe they have a red phone in race control... [Read more...]