Future Classics looking strong for opening round at Mondello!

March 13, 2014 by Leo Nulty  

The Future Classics is a throwback to the days of Production Saloons at Mondello. Image from Con Connolly.

Retro is the in thing at the moment, and nowhere more so than Mondello Park, by the look of it. The Future Classics Class, introduced in 2013, would appear to have grown significantly over the winter months. The Golf GTi Mk1, 205s and Unos have been joined by a number of new and interesting machines on the grid for Sunday’s season opener at Mondello... [Read more...]

VIDEO- Phoenix Park 1979- includes Eddie Jordan Interview!

March 8, 2014 by Leo Nulty  

EJ Atlantic
EJ explains his hairstyle to the RTE cameras!

nSome coverage from the 1979 Phoenix Park Races. This was the 50th anniversary of the 1929 Irish Grand Prix at the same venue. It includes interviews with Eddie Jordan, Frank O’Rourke, Des Cullen etc. It features two production saloon car races, the first one is a straightforward scratch race, where the Mazda RX-3 of Phil Sparkes puts it up to... [Read more...]

VIDEO- Production Saloon Revenge at Mondello Park!

February 14, 2014 by Leo Nulty  

Shorthall Regan and Tuite lead the pack into Shell for the first time.

This is one of the more famous televised races from Mondello Park. Frank O’Rourke’s Dealer Opel Team Ireland Commodore was on pole position for the large Production Saloon Race but got swamped by the pack when the lights. Whilst battling his way back up towards the front, he spins Eddie Regan’s 3.0 Capri at Shell corner, having already... [Read more...]

The Dun Laoghaire Zanussi Street Races 1986

January 16, 2014 by Leo Nulty  

Frank O'Rourke's Corsa battles with John Burns' Alfasud Ti and Peter Faulkner's Kadett GT/E at Crawfords Corner! Image from Con Connolly

This is the full version of RTE’s coverage of the event- complete with pre race interviews, scrutiny and even a visit to the home of the late great Vivion Daly as he prepares for the event. The low speed hairpin at Crawfords Garage was where most of the action happened with Mick Fitzgerald famously destroying his 3.0 Capri bringing out the red... [Read more...]

Production Saloons from Mondello 1985- Over 1300cc.

January 11, 2014 by Leo Nulty  

John Hayes is as spectacular as ever in the ex-Brian Tuite 3.0 Capri.

More Production Saloon action from Mondello Park’s 1985 Leinster Trophy meeting. This time is it the “big bangers”, the 3 litre Capris and various 2 litre machines. Reg Tuthill’s Dolomite Sprint qualified on pole in wet conditions but the Capris are clearly quicker in the dry. This is the restart after David Du Moulin’s... [Read more...]

Production Saloons <1300cc from Mondello Park in 1985

December 28, 2013 by Leo Nulty  

Bob Mont
Montgomery's Corsa SR was one of three to hit the front in this hectic race! Image from Con Connolly.

Another great Production Saloon race from Mondello Park, this time the “tiddlers” as Robin Rhodes used to call them, the “Up To 1300cc” class. The ever spectacular John Burns gives the works DOTI Opel pairing of Bob Montgomery and Frank O’Rourke a real run for their money with the rest of the grid left in their wake. Some... [Read more...]

Motormouth’s Video of the Week!

December 7, 2012 by Leo  

Classic clubman racing in the 'up to 1300cc' Production Saloons

A classic “up to 1300cc” Production Saloon race. Watch the angles of the legendary John Burns in the little Alfasud 1350 Ti!!  Read More →