VIDEO- Crossle & RT2000 Race from Mondello Park.

March 24, 2014 by Leo Nulty  

PJ Fallon lines up on pole position in his yellow Crossle 9S

In this one, the Crossle 9S class run at the same time as the RT2000 class.  Ironically, the Crossles produce the closest racing and hence get most of the coverage as Arnie Black, PJ Fallon and Richard Parsons scrap for the win. Morgan Dempsey Junior, having moved from single seaters to the RT2000 class, seems to have no problems dealing with the class... [Read more...]

Richie O’Mahony: A good run in Kirkistown

August 4, 2012 by Richie O'Mahony  

Richie O'Mahony's Supercar will have company on the Mondello grids this year!

Richie O'Mahony's Supercar will have company on the Mondello grids this year!

Richie's car looked great in Kirkistown with its original DSCC livery. Photo: Steve Hawthorn

Round 5 of the Kirkistown Saloon/GT championship took place on the 21st of July in an unusually sunny summer’s day. After our good fortune up there for round 4 we were hoping to continue the good success. As you know from my last blog we had a scrutiny issue regarding the numbers on the car. Size, colour, position etc. After a few debates on what... [Read more...]

Richie O’Mahony: My season to date

July 13, 2012 by Richie O'Mahony  

Richie in his now distinctive matt black Dunlop Supercar at Kirkistown

After competing last year in the Kirkistown Saloon & Gt’s a Dunlop Supercar this season I decided to do the same with a new colour scheme. My first race was on the 26th of May in the hot weather at Kirkistown. For the first time in long time 2 Dunlop Supercars were seen on track together. Peter Cosgove brought up his Supercar. The Saloon grid... [Read more...]