VIDEO- Phoenix Park GT Race 1980.

February 7, 2014 by Leo Nulty  

Marlboro sponosred the 1980 Phoenix Park Meeting.

This one is from back in 1980. Vivian Candy entered but didn’t show in the “Hallspeed” Imp which created all the controversy at the park previously and ironically enough, there was a class for “superloon” or fully spaceframed cars at this event. This attracted UK entries such as Viv Wallace in the incredible Maguire Mini,... [Read more...]

Old GT Race from Mondello Park

December 3, 2013 by Leo Nulty  

Dan Rooney was never far from the front when the >1350 GTs were on track! Image from

Here is another one from the attic. GT racing started in Ireland when the flagging Modsports and Modified Saloon grids were combined giving the MG Midgets and Sprites a chance to race against the various Imp and Mini saloons. In 1983, the capacity was increased to 1600cc to allow the Irish built TMC Costin to race and this class grew with George Crozier’s... [Read more...]