Breezemount Motorsport- a new arrival!

May 18, 2013 by Stuart Parker  

Arrival at Breezemount workshop
The new arrival at the Breezemount workshops!

Apologies for some passing of time since my last blog as my proverbial plate just seems to get bigger, however I’m not complaining when on that plate is the finest of Italian cuisine to be washed down by Super Tuscan red, it’s just a matter finding room for the intake of an extra course and hope I can fit it all in. Of course what I’m actually... [Read more...]

Breezemount Motorsport: Pre Season Test Miles

March 4, 2013 by Stuart Parker  

Colin Turkington, Richard Young & Philipm Shields
eBay Motors BTCC driver Colin Turkington with Kirkistown's Richard Young and Breezemount boss Philip Shields

Testing is well underway now that the first buds of spring are showing on the verges of Ards peninsula on route to Kirkistown racing circuit. It’s not a case of just hitting the tarmac, we have a scheduled testing program laid out determined by our objectives for the year, which for us is a concentrated learning curve with the front wheel drive Seat... [Read more...]

Breezemount Motorsport: Winter Hibernation

February 1, 2013 by Stuart Parker  

Awakening the GP2 from hibernation
Awakening the GP2 from hibernation

Just because there isn’t any racing during the off season of winter, doesn’t mean there is no work to be done, just the opposite in fact. The cars are always in need of attention either due to component lifing measures or due to the plain fact that TLC is required to some tired looking parts. Driver safety and car reliability are the number one... [Read more...]

Breezemount Motorsport: You have to love Motorsport to put up with Motorsport!

January 18, 2013 by Stuart Parker  

breezemount motorsport team photo kirkistown
Breezemount Motorsport's Philip Shields (right) and myself on the left with our array of impressive machines for 2012!

What better way to open my new blog with a racing paddock quote ‘you have to love motorsport to put up with motorsport’. It is fair to say that no matter what level you compete or work to, that quote holds true. After all, if you didn’t do it for love there would be no motivation spending late nights preparing cars or reasons for drivers spending... [Read more...]