April 23, 2014 by John McCay  

Rallying, a sport associated with closed roads in wild and windy areas of the country lanes, is coming to town this week-end, when Maiden City Motor Club brings the real deal back into its very own City centre venue in St. Columb’s Park, and Ebrington Square, but with the added attraction of the new An Grianan road stage taking place this year just over the border in Donegal. On show will be the familiar mixture of Group N, Modified and Historic Rally Cars, all exciting stuff and normally not found in such an environment. But the City father’s found favour and ‘just said yes!’ when they welcomed the Lark in the Park back again in 2014. Complete with its new sponsor of River Ridge Recycling, this week-end will see all roads leading to Derry/Londonderry 2014.
As the Maiden City Club makes final preparations to stage a spectacular event in the beautiful Park on the banks of the Foyle, much activity before the dawn of Saturday, will see the course transformed into a tight narrow course, with a speed test that will challenge the best drivers in the country.

Once again the Maiden City Motor Club has attracted a high calibre entry, with four wheel drive machines and champion drivers dominating the top ten. There will be lots of action throughout the field, including the exciting always sideways crowd pleasing Mk2 Escorts, topped by a really interesting local entry contributing to the mix.
“The sight and sound of the cars taking to the tarmac, some spitting flames and whining turbos will be enormously exciting”, Clerk of the Course Danny Gormley commentated.

Event Director, Declan McCay said recently, “This event gives the opportunity for members of the public to get up close and personal to rallying. Maiden City Motor Club has planned a wonderful day of motor sport, with family fun, with many other attractions, special attention has been paid to providing superb and safe viewing areas for spectators. Please obey the marshals and view from a safe distance.”

Those attending the event will be able to see the cars in close quarter s in the service park, located in Ebrington Square, allowing everyone to meet the drivers, co-drivers and service crews alongside have a look around the family attractions that will be at the event.

This year entry will be £5 per Family with a Donation being made to Foyle Hospice.

The Lark in the Park, is sponsored by River Ridge Recycling, who have provided great support to the event.
The day overall, provides the opportunity for a great family day out in the safe environment of St. Columb’s Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Northern Ireland. The natural amphitheatre makes it safe and accessible, the easy access to the central service park, with Ebrington Square making a unique day out for everyone.
The 2014 River Ridge Recycling Lark in the Park is shaping up to be an event with something for all the family

The Action starts on Saturday morning at 10.00 am with cars leaving to complete a number of stages in Donegal before returning to the Park were the action will start from 12 Noon, this will continue until 5.15 in the Park.
Derry City Council are keen to point out the St. Columb’s Park will function as normal for children in the play and adventure areas.
Spectators are advised to follow the Parking signs guiding rally fans to Wilton Park on the Limavady Road, and the new Park n’ Stride facility at the New Foyle College site, and appeals to follow the advice of marshals and crowd management officials, to avoid parking in ‘No Parking’ zones, of causing inconvenience to local residents.
Special parking facilities are also available on the City side Car Parks, with an easy stroll across the new pedestrian bridge to Ebrington Square.

Traffic Arrangements
Security and marshals will be in operation for the Lark in the Park from as early as 8am, with special ‘no parking’ coned zones in Browning Drive, Limavady Road, Clooney Park East & West, Hinton Park, Ebrington Park, Macrory Park.
Special security measures will be in place for Foyle Fold, Deanfield, Oakgrove and Browning Drive.

The River Ridge Recycling Lark in the Park, begins just after 10am, with the first Special Stage, taking place at An Grianan, Donegal at 10.30am and the event is expected to conclude by 5pm after the 7th stage of the day. The service area for the event will be based in Ebrington.

All spectators and visitors to the Lark in the Park are asked follow directions marking the route to use the Car Parks provided in Wilton Park, a secure Car Park off the Limavady Road, and the new ‘Park and Stride’ facility at the new Foyle College campus, and Oakgrove Primary School,
There will be a small charge for the use of these facilities. There are other car parking facilities available on the City side of the Peace Bridge, only a short walk from the action in Ebrington and St. Columb’s Park.

The co-operation of spectators and visitors to the area is requested for an enjoyable day at the Lark in the Park for all concerned.
These traffic management arrangements will be in place throughout the day, after the Lark in the Park has concluded these restrictions will be relaxed.

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