VIDEO- Uno Cup at Mondello Park 1993

January 19, 2014 by Leo Nulty  

Once upon a time in Mondello Park- a Fiat 128 was the thing to have. In the Up To 1300cc Production saloon class, the 1290cc sohc screamers, in both SL Coupé and later 3P variants, were pretty much unbeatable. As the years went by, the newer Kadett SR and Fiesta Supersport were quicker round the twists and turns of Mondello, although the Fiats always hit back at the Phoenix Park, where drivers often reported seeing well over “the ton” on the way to Ratra Corner!
The Fiats broke away and started their own series in the late 80s and as the 128 models became scarce, the Ritmo was introduced. The grids were huge and drivers such as Alan Johnston, Alan Byrne, Michael Conway and Mark Turley gave great entertainment. The attraction of this was not lost on Fiat Ireland, who supported the introduction of the Dunlop Uno Cup in 1993. With Dunlop, Fiat Ireland and Blaupunkt all wading in, it was heavily supported and promoted. Michael Cullen, and ex FF1600 driver who had spent time in the UK racing in the incredibly competitive Metro Challenge, teamed up with Murray Motorsport and blew everyone away for much of the first season. By the end of the season though, Stevie Griffin has closed the gap and starts this one from pole. Inevitably, Cullen attacks from the off…..

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