VIDEO- Formula Atlantic Race from the Phoenix Park 1979

March 14, 2014 by Leo Nulty  

1979 was the 50th anniversary of the 1929 Irish Grand Prix in the Phoenix Park and the main race was for Formula Atlantics. Names like Eddie Jordan, David Kennedy, Huub Rothengatter, Alo Lawlor, Patsy McGarrity and many many more took part. Watch out too for Dutch visitor Rothengatter, who was to graduate to F1 and go on to race in 30 Grands Prix. In his pre race interview Kennedy explains the intricacies of setting up an Atlantic for the ultra fast road circuit- remember this was 1979 when all the talk was of downforce and “ground effect” after Andretti’s Lotus 79 had blitzed the rest in F1 the previous year!
The 1600cc Altantic screamers were apparently geared for over 160mph on the way to the famous Ratra hairpin- brave men! As ever with the older stuff, quality is not great- but you will get the idea!
Plum Tyndall commentates.

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