VIDEO- Phoenix Park GT Race 1980.

February 7, 2014 by Leo Nulty  

This one is from back in 1980. Vivian Candy entered but didn’t show in the “Hallspeed” Imp which created all the controversy at the park previously and ironically enough, there was a class for “superloon” or fully spaceframed cars at this event. This attracted UK entries such as Viv Wallace in the incredible Maguire Mini, Ian Higgins in the Ginetta-Ford and expat Basil Dagge in the 998 Imp. Home honours are upheld by Fintan Newport in the 1.3 BDA engined Mk2 Escort, one of the few cars ever to trouble Candy’s Imp in Irish modsaloons at Mondello.
Predictably, these four make the running although Liam Plower in the famous Midget keeps them honest. Interesting that leader Dagge struggles to pass George Frayne’s immaculate Ritmo in a straightline when lapping him.
As with most of the videos from this time, quality is not brilliant but sit back and enjoy and if you are from this era, you will almost smell the Castrol R!!

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