VIDEO- Sierra Cosworths battle it out at Mondello Park

March 13, 2014 by Leo Nulty  

The early days of the “Cossies” at Mondello Park, this one is from 1990. Peter Faulkner, Gordon Kellett and John Burns were usually the men to beat, with Frank O’Rourke still staying faithful to the Opel brand in the 16v Kadett for one last year. In this one though, the ever spectacular John Hayes sources a car for the televised Leinster Trophy round and manages to qualify on the front row, ahead of some of the more fancies runners. The result is a great scrap. Helmut Holfeld is best of the rest, gamely hanging onto the tail of the Cossies in his E30 M3, but everyone else is left far behind.
Plum Tyndall and Brian Tuite commentate.


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